Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter weekend update: Telkom journalism award, some firsts

A few notable parenting events since I last posted:

Winning and losing

The bad news is that I didn't win the Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year 2006 award. The somewhat good news is that I was runner-up in the online category.

It stung a bit, but when you consider that I've been an ICT journalist for less than two years, and have already been a runner-up in a major award programme, that's not doing badly at all. My thanks to all the people who sent emails to wish me luck or congratulate me.

I also had a wonderful time at the awards dinner– spent time with a number of people I know and like, and the proceedings were not too dull. And yes, I did meet with the citizen journalism nominee who initially contacted me from this blog – liked her, and hope she succeeds in her plan to become an ICT journalist.

Baby was however unimpressed. In addition to the pitiful “why don’t we ever win anything?” she says the stuff I write for work is dull, and she doesn’t really want to read it, but she always had an impression that I was good at it. So she doesn’t understand why people who actually do read it didn’t agree. LOL! That’s blind loyalty for you.

Her school also had an Easter egg hunt, and she only managed to find two eggs, so she was not a winner on that score either.

I reminded her that the fun should be in participating in the Easter egg hunt– winning is just icing on the cake. But she argues that winning would have felt much better, in addition to getting the delicious sweets to eat. Can’t argue with that.

A couple of firsts for Baby

Baby received a mailed sticker from Miss Behave, author of Miss Behave and the Secret Agents.

It was the first time Baby received mail that comes in an envelope, brought by the postman. Sort of brought Postman Pat into perspective, don’t you think?

This weekend was also the first time Baby went on a plane ride. She left on Sunday to visit her bio mother for the school holidays, and will be back the weekend of the 21 April. So on Monday, I slept in. I’ll miss her, but I also miss pre-Baby sleep-ins.

As I’ve mentioned previously on the blog, she’s a morning person, and lately she’s taken to setting an alarm for 4.30 in the morning.

She says she noticed I have trouble waking up, and she thought the alarm would help me. Whatever made her think I wanted to wake up that early?

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