Thursday, April 19, 2007

Learning new tricks


Today I learnt how to put together a podcast at work. The company I work for will now do a short wrap-up of news we published online as a podcast.

Two colleagues and I put it together, starting with the script-writing to the taping of teh podcast. I didn't do the voice work, but I'm sure in time I will get my chance to learn how to do that too.

I'm happy that I'm learning how to use other media beyond print and traditional online text, and I can see myself in some distant future doing podcasts of some of my children’s stories.

It would be really nice for tired parents to sometimes be able to turn the podcast on and let me read for the children. But as I said, that's a distant future....


In the meantime, I'm happy to announce that the book review project is off the ground. A second major publisher responded today, and he said a definite YES!

We’re now making plans for him to drop off the books, and once I have them, the reviews will begin immediately.The other publishers will catch up with us I'm sure.

I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by quickly and efficiently I’ve been able to put together the book review plan for this blog. People have been very kind and helpful, especially Jenny Hatton, the coordinator of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators in Gauteng. Thanks Jenny!

Based on the number of books I receive from the first publisher, I plan to start off doing reviews either weekly or monthly. I also plan to feature the book on the default page on the blog so it’s clearly visible for visitors until the next review. That will give the book more coverage than just having one posting on a blog.

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Jenny said...

Thank you, too, for helping me with the SCBWI blogspot for Gauteng.

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