Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hello Old Man Winter

The weather changed dramatically over the holiday weekend, and winter is finally making his presence felt.

So I spent a couple of days doing last minute shopping ( warm sweaters, thick socks, shoes, beanies, scarves) and preparing for Baby’s new school term (new blazer, track suit, black shoes, running shoes, more beanies and scarves…).


Mma turned 68 on the 28th, so I spent some time looking for a gift and eventually bought her a big tan and black scarf. Lately I seem to see scarves everywhere, begging me to take them home...

We didn’t have a big celebration for Mma's birthday, but my older sister suggests that we plan a biggish party for her 70th. Sounds like a good idea.

Mma is still youthful and active, and I dearly hope 70 finds her still enjoying a measure of good health.


I didn't do much writing over the holidays. Wanted to get some real rest, spend time with friends, relatives, loved ones.

But I did manage to write an article about “Content that speaks to readers.” The article was inspired by my decision to unsubscribe from one of my previously favored writing newsletters (see post below).

Don’t feel comfortable submitting it though. I worry that the article over-promises, or that I’m not really saying anything unique. Will keep it percolating for a couple of days, then reread it and make whatever changes are necessary.

Rewrote “I’m not a baby” as planned and it’s ready for submission. Will give it final read through tomorrow and then send it along.

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