Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fab at forty

The day was fabulous. Baby woke me up just after 5am to give me my present (a new key holder and a packet of chocolate).

Then I was off to work. The morning seemed normal – chase up sources, draft a story, realize there is very little that is new in my “news” story, go back to sources for further info… all to the soundtrack of deadlines approaching at a screech.

Then our receptionist said I had a delivery…. and another… and another. I can’t say enough thanks to the people who took note of this day and sent me messages, cards, flowers, cake, chocolate, vouchers…..

It’s not the gifts themselves that made the day special; it’s how the gifts made me feel like a princess and brought on a festive mood among my colleagues.

An unexpected bonus is that I finally broke into Absolute Write, a weekly online publication for writers with about 76 000 subscribers.

As I mentioned previously, I sold a two-part series on how writers can position themselves to be quoted in the media, with the first article to be published today. The story is now online.

If you’re an Absolute Write reader following links from the article, please check out ITWeb Online where I work. Special attention should be paid to my column article today, titled “Do I prefer pizza or sushi?”

I think the message in the column, intended for telecoms operators, also applies to some degree to writers, web site owners and all other business owners who find that their product has become a commodity customers expect to get for free.

Now I'm off to celebrate with friends and family.

Enjoy your day.

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Misti Sandefur, Christian author/freelance writer said...

First off I'd like to say, "Happy belated birthday to you!" I hope you had a great birthday, and by the sounds of it I think you did.

I came here from the article you had published in the Absolute Write newsletter. I wanted to let you know I thought you're article was wonderful! It was an article on writing that I found unique. I do many things to promote my book, e-zine for writers and services, but I never thought of pitching journalists, so I learned something new through your article. However, I would have loved to read a sample pitch to get a better idea. Do you think you could provide this for me? You can contact me through my website:

Again, great article, and very well written! Keep writing and best wishes!

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