Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some poetry success

Baby was reading through my online stories the other day when she saw the poem Across the Sea.”

She loved it.

I mean, she really, really loved it. She even started singing the words to some tune going thru her head. She asked to take the poem to school to use in her class’ upcoming musical to be produced in September.

The poem resonated with Baby’s teacher, who sent a message saying she has a friend living overseas and can she please use my poem to send a message to her friend. Not sure if they’ll eventually decide to use it in the musical, but I’m happy it resonated with them.

More good news is that the poem I submitted to Word Salad was published in the Summer 2007 edition. Read it here.

I initially submitted it to another pub, but they rejected it with a note saying the biginning worked, but the rest was mundane. So I cut it, and I cut...

I submitted two articles to Ezine Articles this weekend. Broke through the 1000 hits barrier, with the 18 live stories and the submitted stories published 83 times.

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