Sunday, July 08, 2007

A toast to an old friend: Posted 2 poems & 3 articles

I revised the poem Youth and posted it on my free story blog.

I also posted a new poem titled Across the sea.” It was originally inspired by a close friend of mine – Susan Davies – who immigrated to Australia.
She left South Africa over a decade ago, but the friendship stayed the same. Every time we speak on the phone, the words flow so smoothly it’s like we never stopped seeing each other.

We met in the early 90s, introduced by a literary agent we shared at the time. Susan is fond of saying introducing us is the only thing the agent managed to do for us. Both of us managed to independently land writing projects, even published books, but without the agent’s help.

I also posted 3 articles on Ezine Articles. The experiment trudging along, but no visible increase in traffic yet. Two of the articles I posted are not in my usual style – they are more “how to” rather than IT trend pieces, but I’m trying to see what kind of articles and subject matter (within the scope of what I do) attract the most attention.

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