Thursday, July 19, 2007

Writing News: Upcoming Submissions

I must say I’m very impressed with SA children's book publisher Anansi Books’ response time to web enquiries. Late last night I filled in an online form asking about their submission guidelines. By nine o’clock this morning I had a reply explaining possible submission methods. What a pleasure!

So this weekend I’m dusting off a story and sending it through.There is still time to submit another story to Stories Across Africa too.

Deadline is 30 July. To date I’ve submitted one story and one poem.

Article for “The Lion and the Unicorn, 2008”

I’m working an article on “The role of the Internet in increasing access to African children’s literature.”

The article is in response to this call:

Submissions are being solicited for a special issue on Children’s Literature in South Africa, to be published in The Lion and the Unicorn in April 2008. Possible topics include issues related to: the production, marketing and distribution, mediation and reception of children’s literature in SA. All topics regarding South African children’s literature are welcome.
Submission deadline: 30 July 2007

If you’d like to submit something, send enquiries to ; Tel: 018 2991491

Other issues

The results from my viral marketing experiment using Ezine Articles continue to disappoint. I now have 17 articles published on the portal. The articles generated 947 hits at the time of writing this post, with the highest article read at 132 hits, and the least read at 15 hits (published 9 days ago). But I will continue to post there. Maybe in time the articles will generate bigger traffic. Afterall, the portal has 60 787 members.

I’m putting a disclaimer on this blog explaining that the majority of posts here are based on my experiences, what I have observed or learnt from others. It’s mostly opinion, and if I mention research, the source will be cited.

The reason for the disclaimer is last night I received a request for a source from someone who seemed to be a high school student. He/she said he was working on a school paper and his teacher insists he cite his sources. I knew the source for my commentary, but I don't believe a blog is a proper source for research for a school paper.

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