Monday, August 06, 2007

Mobile Life

I've mentioned previously that my employer, ITWeb, launched a blogging platform called My Digital Life? I've finally given in and started a blog called Mobile Life on that platform.

The blog, which will be updated weekly, explores the impact of mobile phones on how South Africans live, work, play and communicate. "Hopefully, there will be some pretty hot debates, and we will all learn something out of the process," says my introduction.

I already write about cellular and messaging technologies from a business perspective. I'm also collaborating with Ramon Thomas to update his "Parents' Guide to MXit" and am involved in mobile TV trial. So I have a lot of stuff to talk about already. The blog is part of my work-life, so it will not take anything away from my creative writing.

Anyway, here is my latest post, which looks at the assumption that people want to be connected 24/7 and be reached anywhere, anytime. My friend Deb, who is no technophobe, says: "I hate the intrusion."

P.S. Setting up Mobile Life also ensures there is less mention of tech stuff directly on this blog, and more mention of children's stories and writing.

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