Sunday, August 05, 2007

Some farewells, some writing

Yesterday we buried Aunt Meiki, my mother’s older sister. She was 75 and died suddenly. Her death hit me hard, mostly because I did not know her well and felt like we wasted a lot of time talking about nothing.

She was very close to my mother, but my interaction with her was govered by tradition and cultural etiquette. When I was young, I would never have considered speaking to her unless I was spoken to. By the time I was older, we were trapped into our roles.

I was a gracious stranger who saw to her comfort before she even thought of asking for something, but did not invite casual conversation. It didn't occur to me to make the attempt until she died. Now it's too late.

School closed on Friday for the end of the second term, reopening at the beginning of September. So Baby flew off to Durban today to visit her bio mother. Her leaving also left me feeling a bit blue.


I joined the Lieurance-King Article Challenge. "Each writer who accepts the Summer Article Challenge, which kicked off on August 1, will attempt to write and submit 30 articles to article directories by September 30, 2007," the organisers say.

I also registered for their free 21-Day e-Course: Effective Article Marketing. I was already writing articles for the Ezine Articles portal, so my main aim for this challenge is to learn to write more/faster. I also need to learn how to write copy that prompts people to take action, and I think the course will be able to help with that. This weekend I wrote and submitted two articles to Ezine Articles.

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Unknown said...

My sympathies for the loss of your aunt. Relationships can be difficult to understand at times. The main thing is that you love her and I'm sure she loved you regardless of whether either of you spoke the words.

Welcome to the Lieurance-King article challenge.

Yvonne Perry

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