Friday, September 07, 2007

Damsel in distress

Sometime during the day, a lizard wandered into my house. My garden doesn’t look like a jungle anymore, but it is a natural garden, not one of those overly manicured numbers lizards wouldn’t dare invade.

Baby has a friend spending the night and the two of them went into hysterics when they saw the lizard. “Kill it!” they shouted as we watched it climb a bedroom wall towards the ceiling.

First I threw my canvas shoes at it, hoping to scare it off the wall. I’m not sure what I would have done if it did get off the wall. Stomp around it until it left the house?

When it continued its climb, I decided to do the sensible thing. I called my next door neigbour’s teenage son and asked him to take it out into the garden. Our hero!

I felt a little silly perpetuating the damsel in distress/manly hero mythology found in fairytales, especially as I encourage Baby to effect her own rescure when times are tough. But when it comes to crawling creatures, I’m definitely a girly girl in distress, in need of a hero.

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