Monday, September 17, 2007

Taking a short break next week

I’ve finally confirmed that I’ll attend Vodacom’s Spring Break (an annual event), which is taking place at Sun City from the 22 – 30 September.

Baby and I are only staying 3 days, 2 nights (after the Heritage Day holiday on Monday), but it promises to be a fun, even relaxing holiday. I’m pulling her out of school for two days so she can join me on the trip.

She has mixed feelings about it. She’s looking forward to playing in the sun, doing some water sports and watching live kid shows for two days, but she’d rather we used the time to go to Durban where we could do this AND visit with family.

I’m really tired, and fun in the sun with nothing to worry about for days will revive me so I can start writing more enthusiastically.

Our hotel stay and participation at the event is sponsored by mobile operator Vodacom (

For more information about the event, check on the hyperlinked title of this post ( sorry, formatting on blogger seems to have has gone hinky today, so no hyperlinks on the body of the post to provide more info about the event.)

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