Monday, October 01, 2007

LK Summer Challenge Ends, Kgalagadi Tales

The Lieurance-King Summer Challenge ended yesterday. Thankfully, I managed to write the 30 articles in August and September, qualifying for the Golden Pajamas.

Baby is reading Kgalagadi Tales ( Bushman One) by Hanneke Du Preez. The book is published by Librarius Felicitas.

Stories include:

- Why Rain Wouldn't Rain
- Why Steenbok has a Stumpy Tail
- Why Wildebeest's Face is Flat
- Why Giraffe's Horns Are So Short
- Why Polecat Stinks
- Why Hyena Laughs Instead of Sings
- Why Spring-hare Has Such Short Forelegs
- Why People Must Die

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