Thursday, November 29, 2007

I’ve been trying to write but the birds are driving me crazy

The birds are driving me lulu, picking on my plums long before they are ripe. At the rate they are going, I won’t have plums left by the time they are supposed to be ripe, and that's a pity. It’s very satisfying to eat something that you grew and didn’t have to buy.

My former boss, before I joined ITWeb, would have laughed at me and said the rural girl in me is showing. Probably, but I like her. And the city woman finds gardening very relaxing.

On the writing front I’ve been busy. For the month of November, I entered the LK Autumn Challenge(, where I was supposed to write 15 marketing articles within the month. Deadline is tomorrow and I’ve submitted 12 short articles to Ezine Articles, with 8 of them live.

In total, I have 55 live articles on Ezine Articles, published in 169 publications worldwide. That’s a lot of views and a great opportunity for people to see my work and visit ITWeb and my blogs.

I’m still not seeing fantastic click throughs from the articles to this blog, or my Mobile Life blog (, but some of the people on the LK Autumn challenge say 100 articles is the tipping point, and I’m nowhere near that.

Two major lessons I learnt since I started this promotion experiment in May:

1. I've learnt SEO is important to online content
2. I've learnt how to write catchy titles. I'm still not as good as I could be, but I've gone from sucky to just plain uninspired.I'll improve...

Creatively speaking, I’ve only written two new children’s stories, and they still need some work. But things are ticking along just fine, and I feel I am learning and refining my skill as an author.

I’m even starting to think next year, probably near the end, I will have enough stories to create a decent collection to publish as an ebook. We’ll see….

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