Thursday, November 22, 2007

Making time to write

Today I learnt to appreciate the impact that waking up one hour earlier in the morning can have on my writing life.

I was actually woken up by a seriously bad headache. The kind that crashes through your skull, accompanied by nausea, making you wonder if you’ll die right that minute.

Then you realize you’re not going to be so lucky and start praying for someone to simply saw off your head so it doesn’t trouble you anymore. The dead and the headless don’t have headaches. But I digress....

After taking way too many pills, I suggested to Baby that we go for an early morning walk, so the fresh morning air to could help clear my head. She’s an early bird, so it was no schlep for her to get up around 4.30.

The streets were quiet, the cool breeze felt wonderful and the mild exercise energized me a bit. I even managed to write up two blog posts before getting ready for work for a 7am meeting.

I should do this more often ( minus the headache). It has certainly helped with my productivity today and I feel mch more relaxed.

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