Monday, December 10, 2007

Contribution to the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

A couple of months ago I posted a poem that represents a small part of what children in abusive homes go through.

As this is the final day of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, I decided to highlight the poem here; do my bit to raise awareness on the issue.

My hope is that people will remain aware of the plight of families trapped in violent relationships all year round, and not only during the annual campaign. I also hope that in time, the portion of the poem below, will no longer apply as children increasingly speak out.

I don’t tell her
that I fear my turn will come again
He will slap, hit and kick
Shout and swear at me
And all will be invisible
Deaf and blind to my pleas

Read the full poem, titled "Deaf and Blind."

I've also decided to post another poem, titled "The Morning After."

Here's a snippet:

A pretty picture they paint
I can almost forget
The sound of his fist on her face
Her body crashing on the cupboard
With a thud.

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