Saturday, December 01, 2007

Johannesburg author Gail van Onselen launches "Claude & Millie" tomorrow

Tomorrow Johannesburg author Gail van Onselen is launching her children's book Claude & Millie at Estoril Books at the Village Walk in Sandton. The launch is at 11h00, and if you're in the area, join her?

I wrote Gail a quick email to ask her about herself and her book. She says:

Claude & Millie is a story about two dogs who borrow a car and go on an adventure.

The rhythm of the story lies in the fact that Millie the Mongrel does not believe that dogs can do the various things that they do (like drive, do algebra, go to aerobics etc) and Claude the Dachshund has to keep telling her that indeed they can!

"My publisher tells me that the moral of the story is that "you can do anything that you want to do!"

The book is aimed at 3 to 8 year olds.

Read Gail's biography here.

"I suppose the most interesting thing from a writing point of view is that my first adult novel is coming out next year," she says.

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