Friday, December 14, 2007

The Holiday Fun Begins

Christmas gifts
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You know the graduation scene in high school movies where the speeches and awards are done, and the kids jump up and throw their caps into the air?

That’s how I felt at mid-day today when I left work, knowing I was free to enjoy the summer and Christmas celebrations without any work-related obligations. Today, ITWeb Online’s news division closed down for the holidays, to reopen early January.

So the rest of the year will be devoted to spending time with Baby and partying with friends and family.

I wonder if you also have the same experience: as I grow older I find that I have numerous Christmas celebrations instead of just one.

In the lead up to the 25 December, I have Christmas dinner with groups of friends here in Johannesburg. And yes, we go the whole way with the dishes, the presents etc. And then I go home to Phokeng and have another Christmas celebration with family.

Last year we had an early Christmas luncheon for the nuclear family, as one of my cousins was hosting a massive Christmas celebration on the 25th.

Brings a whole new meaning to “On the first day of Christmas my true love....….”

My first Christmas celebration is tomorrow evening (Saturday), with my closest friends Pam and Lynn and their families. This is the third year that we’ve had a full on Christmas celebration together, taking turns to host it. Next year is my turn to play hostess…

I’m also planning to continue blogging for the rest of the year, and to keep up with urgent emails, thanks to my new Blackberry 8310, which I got yesterday courtesy of Research in Motion and Vodacom.

Special thanks to Yaseen from Vodacom for setting up the phone for me, and Ima, representing Research in Motion, and for synchronising everything. It made the change very easy.

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