Monday, December 17, 2007

Where the creative writing and blogging happens

My home office
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I'm not sure whether you as a reader would be interested in where I write or the tools I use. Afterall, I'm not anyone famous:-)

But in case you are curious, this is where the creative writing and blogging happens. It's a small nook in my livingroom, created by a small wall and pillar.

From the chair, I can see into the rest of the house and outside into the front garden, making it easy to keep track of Baby and her friends while I work.

The black webfone (on the left) is on review from local wireless broadband provider iBurst (

The phone does dual duty as a modem, providing me with Internet connnectivity. However, as I'm highly mobile, I mostly use the 3G/HSDPA connection (red button on my laptop.)

The pile of children's books (bottom right-hand corner) are also on review. I put them there to motivate me to get going with them, so they will only leave my worktable once I've completed the review.

The "For Dummies" books on the table (top right corner) are also on review. God knows when I'll get to them.

But I'm a huge fan of Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb and her two books ( near the mug full of pens) have been very distracting. Maybe I'll finish them first. Afterall, I'm supposed to be on holiday, aren't I?

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