Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why I love shopping at Exclusive Books

One of the reasons I love buying books from Exclusive Books ( is that they create a comfortable space for book-lovers to browse and make their selections. br />
There are couches at strategic corners of the stores, where you can sit while you browse through a book you want to buy, or read a book you can’t afford to buy.

You don’t have to stand at the shelves, blocking other buyers, and you don’t have to take a book unless you’re quite sure that’s what you want. Sometimes I even drop by just to take a break from the mall crowds and end up buying something.

Exclusive Books
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Baby also loves the bookstore. It's a place for her to rest when she's tired of shopping, an oportunity to read through some new books if we don't have money to buy, and to ear-mark books she wants me to buy for her.

This is a different atmosphere to CNA, where the aisles are narrow and the atmosphere does not encourage you to linger.

How can I buy anything, when I can't stand at a shelf for two minutes before I have to shift out of the way for another another customer to pass through?

And there is no way to get comfortable if you like the book you found, though I suspect that's the point. Buy it if you like it, but don't read it and then leave it, I suspect is the ethos.

To be fair, CNA is not really a bookshop as such. I think the best description is "entertainment store," as they sell all manner of things including laptops, games, DVDs, toys, stationery in addition to books.

P.S. What's you favourite bookstore, and what are the reasons you love it?

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Kyra said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your favorite bookstore! I don't remember the store so much as the joy of discovering a new author in a store or seeing new magazine titles and browsing them. That's my favorite!

Best, Kyra

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