Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eskom's power cuts

I've posted an article about Eskom' regular power cuts ( load shedding) on my blog Mobile Life. Like all other South Africans, I'm very frustrated with this practice.

It affects our productivity, throws our schedules and deadlines into disarray and at the end of the day, I'm just sooo exhausted from the stress I'm a waste of food in the evenings.

Yesterday I arrived home to find that my suburb had just been cut off -which meant no electricity to cook until after seven ( usually dinner is between 17h00 and 17h30). So Baby went to bed late....


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Anonymous said...

The Eskom power cuts is yet another typical example of the disaster the ANC Government is steering SA into the next few years, so typical BEE were the major roleplayer to get rid of literate Eskom employees who had years of experience and the brains to do future planning for electricity demands as the country`s economy grow, these BEE idiots became the management of Eskom with zero knowledge to do such planning but as long as they got the new jobs and filled the offices and reap huge salaries with perks they are happy, it will be a serious disaster in 2010 with the FIFA Soccer World Cup, if Eskom cannot cope now and ask the government not to promote foreign investment untill 2013 to prevent further mines, fanbrics, industries which provide jobs and foreign income, how on earth Eskom idiot management will you cope in 2010 3 years before your ,,dont invest in idustries untill 2013 policy?,, ... you can manage a ZOO but not Eskom!!

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