Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Feeling like a real writer

One of the telecommunications companies I write about sent me this really lovely journal and a seriously expensive pen as a Christmas present. I found the gift on my desk yesterday when I went back to the office after a three-week holiday.

The journal was not the glitziest or the most expensive gift I received this season. But it is the one that made me feel like a “real writer,” whatever that may be.

I knew right from the beginning what purpose I wanted to use the journal. For the past couple of days, I’ve been making a master list of things I expect to do over the year. It’s not resolutions – it’s more like my implementation plan.

The tasks will eventually end up in my laptop and cellphone schedulers, but I want to put them in a comprehensive hard copy so I can judge at a glance what’s been done and what is still outstanding.

Meanwhile, yesterday Camille Lagarrigue, author of the Miss Behave series, dropped off a copy of Miss Behave and the Sacred Cats of Ancient Egypt.

Initially she posted it to me, but due to some mail problems, I was unable to get it. Persistent publisher that she is, she dropped the book off at my place when she was in my area.

Baby read the book right away and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Camille! I’ll post the review on Storypot very soon.

I’ve also been informed that a post from my blog, Mobile Life, will once again be featured on Unwired, a digital lifestyle magazine. One of my posts was featured in the December/January issue, so it’s nice to have my work selected in this edition too.

You can grab a copy of Unwired from a number of bookstores/stationery shops including CNA and Exclusive Books. You can also get a copy from some garage shops.

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