Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Inspiring People

Caesar Molebatsi
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I’ve known Caesar Molebatsi, CEO of Empowa (www.empowa.co.za), social justice activist (www.felehetsa.co.za), former Presidemt of the World Alliance of YMCAs and inspirational speaker, for a couple of years. I guess he’s some sort of family connection by marriage.

But today, at a family dinner party, was the very first time that he and I had a meaningful conversation about our respective occupations.

I found him to be very interesting and inspiring and I really hope that he writes the book that he spoke about. He has something important to say, and I think his message could have great impact on shaping young people's minds today.

“There is nothing wrong with building a castle in the air. The problem arises when you try to live in it,” he said when we spoke about taking the steps that helps one reach his/her goals.

I also connected with the Okafor family, who are Nigerian but have been adopted into my extended family.

They've finally opened the restaurant they were planning when I last saw them.

Based in Rosebank, the restaurant is called Hightable (www.hightable.co.za) and offers authentic North African cuisine. It was wonderful to see part of my friends' dreams come true.

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