Friday, March 14, 2008

Biggest library in Soweto to launch on Monday

On Monday morning I'm attending the launch of what will be the biggest library in Soweto.
"The new Jabavu Library is the biggest and best equipped in Soweto," the invitation says.

The event will be attended by both the Mayor of the City of Johannesburg and the CEO of the Vodacom Group, Mr Alan Knott-Craig (library sponsored by the Vodacom Foundation).
This is one of those assignments where my two divergent interests ( in telecommunications and encouraging kids to read) collide very nicely.

Whatever Knott-Craig has to say will be of interest to my tech biz readers, while I'm sure readers of this blog would like to see pics of the library and maybe hear from some of the residents.

Have a happy weekend.

Mine will mostly be taken up with work - pick up the bookshelves I mentioned earlier, unpack my piles of unshelved books and organise them more sanely, write two feature articles (1800 words each; all research and interviews done)and one shortie for Monday...

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