Monday, March 10, 2008

Get a Rape Kit From Rapewise To Help You Protect Your Children From Rape And Abuse

On Friday Baby’s school sent out a newsletter to raise awareness on rape. The school also suggests that interested parties buy an information kit developed by Rapewise, a non-profit organisation that deals with the subject and conducts education campaigns for government departments including the Department Of Health, Department of Education, Department of Safety and Security and Department of Social Services.

The kit costs R50 and covers:

• The Sexual Offences Act
• Rape and Child Abuse
• Sexual Abuse
• Paedophelia
• Depression
• Self Mutilation
• Teenage Suicide
• Pornography
• Teenage Pregnancy
• Puberty
• Teenage Abortion

“A parent’s biggest role in protecting their children stems from being informed,” the newsletter from the school says.

It also cites some very disturbing statistics, including the fact that a woman or child is raped every seven seconds in SA. Six children are murdered everyday and 460 000 children abused every year.

I looked online and couldn’t find the web site for Rapewise, which was a bit disappointing, because I would have linked to direct you there. But you can contact the organisation by emailing

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