Friday, April 18, 2008

ITWeb's Digital Expo Begins Today

ITWeb's Digital Expo begins today. It's the first digital lifestyle expo in SA. One of my colleagues attended this morning and says it really rocks.

So if you're in Johannesburg and have the time this weekend, check it out at the Sandton Convention Centre. It runs until Saunday 20 April.

For new readers, I work as a journalist and write for ITWeb Online, iweek (weekly print pub) and occassionally Brainstorm (monthly print).

I also have a blog on ITWeb's social networkng site, My Digital Life. My blog, called Mobile Life, looks at how mobile phones are changing the way we work, play, learn and communicate.

My thoughts, right now, are with Townboy, who is trying to set a world record of 48 hours continuous blogging.

Please pop in and comment on his posts; offer him some encouragement. He's been blogging since yesterday, and as you'll see, the post I highlighted in number 41 in the series.

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