Sunday, September 07, 2008

Digital Citizen Indaba: Media

So far, I've only seen one blog post touching on the keynote address I did today. But I haven't had the time to really look properly to see if it resonates with the people. I also plan to upload the full presentation here soon.

In the meantime, hop on to Zoopy to get the full coverage of the DCI. Also check out the video interview I did after the presentation. In this interview, I chat about why I'm enthusiastic about mobile citizen journalism in rural Africa.

I still have some notes from the event that I will upload, but that will be for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the Highway Africa conference, which starts tomorrow. I hope some interesting news come out of it, so I can write up articles for two publications.

I may also end up landing a regular gig from this event. Had lunch with Zambian blogger Brenda Zulu and a couple of other people, and she mentioned a gig with an international pub she thought might be perfect for me. We'll how that goes. In the meantime, check out Brenda's blog - she a freelance writer covering ICT for development.

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