Thursday, September 11, 2008

Missed opportunities

This post is about food and diets, not writing or parenting, so if you're not interested in the subject, scroll down to the next post.

I always thought if I was going to cheat on my food plan, I would eat a triple-decker Debonairs pizza dripping with cheese, processed meats, all spiced to perfection.

I would then follow that up with a big dish of frozen, multi-flavoured ice scream. Not sorbert - the real, creamy, icy cream.

I know that's not exactly healthy stuff, but regular readers may know that since April/May, I've been on a very strict no wheat, no dairy, no processed foods plan because of an ulcer. And for the past four months, I've been really good about it, making sure that these foods were not included in my meals. The payback has also been great -no more pain, feeling healthier, more energetic...

Well, yesterday I broke the diet BIG TIME, and it wasn't for any of the stuff fantasies are made of. I broke my diet for ... gasp .... pap and sour milk. Can you believe it? Baby was in the mood for the that, and the milk from Food and Veg City ( Amasi brand) was so thick and creamy I couldn't resist.

I was lucky my stomach didn't react at all. But I've now reverted to my normal food plan, and I keep thinking I had this huge oportunity to "cheat" and I didn't even eat a single slice of pizza.

And no, this is not an advertorial for Debonairs either. I just happen to think their triple decker pizza looks yummy - too bad I can't have any:-)

Anyway, this post is for people with food issues - whether it's a weight loss diet, or a food plan due to health problems. Do you sometimes cheat by eating something that's not even part of your favourite food group? And how do you stop yourself from wasting opportunities such as this one?

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