Friday, October 24, 2008

Being a writer = being a perpetual student

After reading annual reports of 3 major construction companies and two market surveys on the construction industry in Africa, I can now interview people and write intelligently about the sector. As soon as I recover from lack of sleep, of course, and my head stops spinning.

Until I embarked on this adventure, I didn't know much about the constructions industry beyond the vague assumption that someone must be building the hotels, airports, mining plants, etc. They don't just spring to life like Jack's beanstalk, do they?

I also learnt that McGraw-Hill's Engineering News Record publishes some seriously interesting articles on the global construction industry, and I'm annoyed that they charge for each and every one of them. Haven't they heard of free content on the Internet and the Creative Commons:-)?

To read the final product of all this labour, grab yourself the November/December copy of BUILT, the magazine for architects, builders, interior designers and landscapers published by AVUSA and check out the cover story.

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