Monday, May 11, 2009

Slow Internet Sucks Big Time!

Internet was so slow yesterday a snail would have walked faster in a race.

It was very annoying, especially as my work is mostly online. So I did not accomplish as much as I planned.

But I did manage to publish a couple of announcements for clients and post links on social networking sites:

IT Skills versus world economic crisis

This is an announcement of the Skills Summit by the ITA, JCSE and ITWeb, taking place on the 19 May at Bytes Technologies in Midrand.

If you are concerned about the IT Skills challenge in South Africa, register for the course. The JCSE and ITWeb will also present the 2009 Skills Survey.

Soul City series 9 reruns on Fridays @ 15h00

Prime time drama Soul City, which is on its ninth season has just finished its initial run on SABC1. However, those who missed it can still catch up by watching reruns on Fridays at 15h00.

The latest Soul City season is a central part of the OneLove campaign in South Africa.

And speaking of the OneLove campaign, campaign, join us on the OneLove web site as we discuss whether one is justified in having an affair if your partner refuses to have sex with you.

What if you even tried to address the problem and went for counselling and also asked for family intervention, but the situation did not improve?

Meanwhile, Janet Riehl Grace's Sightlines ( audio) has arrived. So I'm going to listen to some of it while I work this week, with the view of reviewing it some time in June. I'm also planning to host Janet for her interview during her blog tour.

Readathon Week

On the life front, this week is Readathon Week and Baby's school takes the event very seriously.

In addition to setting aside time for the kids to read at school, and encouraging them to read more at home, the kids are supposed to go to school on Friday dressed as their favourite fantasy character.

For some reason, she has fallen in love with Twilight, so of course she used that book to choose her outfit.

She wants to go as Alice Cullen ( see Alice Cullen doll on the left).

Baby's teacher said the character of Bella Swan (protagonist) was human, and therefore Baby couldn't dress as her.

What is it with this story? When you look at it objectively, it's just another vampire/teen love story. Yet it resonates with millions of people worldwide, young and old. I also found myself completely absorbed in that world, even though it's actually for young adults.

Needless to say, Baby is keen on it despite the fact that she's actually 11 and not the intended target audience.

I am a bit worried about whether portions of the book are too vivid for an 11-year old. But I'm not complaining. It's good to see Baby fall in love with a book. And some of the stuff she watches on TV ( in the afternoons and prime time) are worse, so I'm probably just going to have to deal with my reservations. Unless I can find another book for Baby to fall in love with it in 3 days.

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