Monday, June 22, 2009

Automation Helps Me Stay Productive

One of the benefits of writing for online media is that I can write the stories in advance, and then put them in a publishing queue which allows them to go online without human intervention.

My ulcer flared up over the weekend, forcing me to spend all of Saturday and parts of Sunday in bed. I needed a more relaxed Monday morning, so when I did get out of bed, I wrote a couple of articles for the web site updates and queued them.

It was nice not to have to rush out of bed to start the work day this morning. I'm also thinking of talking to my doctor about changing my ulcer meds.

I don't look forward to that, because I actually prefer using the healing qualities of food and herbs to deal with my stomach ailments.

Happy Father's Day

A belated Happy Father's Day to all the fathers who visit this site , and the men in my family.

During my work-related surfing I came across an article that made me really said, and made me wonder if we as parents actually think about how our sexual behaviour impacts on our kids, or if we think it's none of their business/ they are too young to care and when they grow older they will understand that "it's complicated."

The article, published in The Times, was written by a young woman who says, "It's Father's Day
and I'm Feeling Robbed."

Read it, and tell me what you think about this father's behaviour. And how can we make sure that our children are not cheated as this young woman clearly was?

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