Friday, July 31, 2009

Do You Ever Blog In Advance?

Sometime ago I mentioned that I was going to start developing web content for a web site of a new TV show, launching in September.

Well, all has been green-lighted, contracts signed and dusted, and it’s time for Ms D to get to work:-).

However, I’m already busy with my current projects and have to shift things around in my schedule to accommodate the new baby.

So, I’ve decided to blog in advance, and develop enough content to keep current sites ticking over for at least two weeks while I set up the main pages of the new site.

So how am I going to do this?

1. Develop and use evergreen content – Most of the work I do is informational, rather than news. So it’s easy enough to develop articles, short posts and upload images and videos that can go live at any time, without looking dated or making clients look like they are out of sync with current affairs.

2. Keep pace with current affairs – I am still going to regularly check my Google alerts for news and developments that may be relevant for client sites and use the info as and when is needed.

3. Continue the conversation – I am also going to keep responding to comments readers make. That also adds a vibrant “Now” flavour to the site even though I wouldn’t be actively blogging on the site.

Why you should consider blogging in advance?

Even if you blog for your pleasure, and your audience is still small, you should consider blogging in advance. Here are some benefits:

1. Avoid blogger's burn-out – Many of people started blogging because it’s fun. Others blog to market and promote their services and products. Whatever the reason may be, our human bodies need a break away from the constant content development and promotion. We need time set aside to relax and recharge our batteries, by taking a day or weekend or even a couple of days off.

2. Take time off – If you’re going on holiday with your family, you could consider blogging in advance so your readers still have content to read while you’re gone. It’s definitely going to you relax more easily if you don’t have to worry about your blog and readers.

3. Consistently provide your readers with content – No matter how small your readership base may be, these people need consistency from you. They want to be able to click on your site as they normally do, and find fresh content, regardless of whether you are on holiday or not.

4. Family emergencies and illness –Yes, your readers are human beings too and they understand illness and family emergencies. But personally, I hate having to explain myself. Even when people say they do understand, I still feel at a disadvantage. Having a bunch of posts in reserve can allow you to deal with your health or family situation in peace, with one less worry on your mind.

So, have you considered blogging in advance? How would blogging in advance benefit you?


Laura said...

I blog in advance. Sometimes I get hit by a wave of stuff to write about and then 5/6 articles spew out! So then I do post them in advance :)

Tamara said...

I suck at blogging in advance. But then, my blog is just random nonsense from my head, so it's usually spur of the moment ;-)

Rebecca A Emrich said...

These are some great points about bloggin in advance, it does help with content and, or course ease of use, as you can email your own blog to publish it later, and of course edits.

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