Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spring Is Near. Yay!

I'm happy Spring is almost here and I'm happy I can now eat as I like. Got tired of stodgy stuff and actually having to cook:-)

So yesterday I made myself a really nice melon and banana salad for breakfast and a chicken, bacon and avo salad for lunch. Lunch took me about five minutes to make, is very nutritious and my stomach is much happier.

All I had to do was shred:
half a carrot
half an avocado
a handful of lettuce
leftover chicken breast
leftover bacon
a thin sliver of onion
Tossed them all together, added a pinch of salt and sprinkled a bit of vinegar and virgin olive oil. [Don't use salad dressing much, but you can use salad dressing of your choice.]

On the work front, the day was about images:

  • Watched a DVD of Club Risky Business, a Zambian TV drama that's part of the OneLove campaign, showing the highlights of all 10 episodes. Then I ripped the DVD with Handbrake to convert to MP4 format, and will later break it into smaller, digestible pieces to place on YouTube channel. For more info on Club Risky Business, visit the show's Facebook page.
  • Watched TV promos of Kwanda. Also uploading them on YouTube in due course. [ Don't miss the first episode of the series on 2 September] If you like the concept of mobilising volunteers across the country to improve the lives of people in their communities, sign up to be a fan of Kwanda here.
  • Picked up pics of scenes from Kwanda series, to be used on the site and Facebook page.
  • Received request of pics of students taking part in CoachLab@JCSE 2009. I worked on the media relations for the official launch of this project, which is an initiative of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering and its partners. Any way, two more stories are scheduled to appear on GradX and the University of Johannesburg's Kampus Beeld.
  • Took the food pic above, just before lunch, to go with this post.
Nope! Yesterday this writer's day was definitely not about writing:-).

So, what are some of the things that you have to do as a writer or blogger that take up a lot of time when you are not actively writing?

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