Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Lessons We Learn Unconsciously

Lastely I've been thinking of my paternal grandfather, Iphapheng Senne, [1889 - 1988] we think, and the influence he had on me.

I didn't know him very well, mostly because he was from an era in my community where parents and grandparents did not communicate very well with children, and therefore, did not know each other well as individuals.

Also, I found him to be a dull old stick who spent too much time in the family garden, growing vegetables I thought we didn't need, as we could afford to buy vegetables and fruit from the markets. Now years later, I find myself working just as hard as he did to grow my food.

And I'm grateful that he instilled a love for organic gardening in me, even though we both didn't realise how much I was absorbing at the time.

And yeah sure, it's still easier to pop into my nearest Fruit & Veg City to buy what I need [ and definitely kinder to my aching body], but I find the exercise soothing. And it's nice knowing that no matter how tough times can be, I'll never starve, as long as I have access to a a very small patch of land and rain keeps coming.

It has also made me wonder what life lessons I have unconsciously reflect in my writing without even known.

Question: Is there a person in your life who taught you things earlier in your life whose benefits you only began to understand later? And how do these life lessons impact on your life and your writing life?


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po said...

Good question. I am only starting to appreciate the lessons my parents have taught me now! My grandparents were all very old fashioned and polite. One of my Grandfathers was a very stern man who did not really know how to show affection, but he was amazingly resourceful and made sure he had enough money to support him and my Gran. He also was still crawling under his car to fix it in his 80s! Unbelievable.

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