Thursday, October 01, 2009

Moral Of The Story: Learn To Ask For Help

So I've previously mentioned that I was behind with work, and was also losing my good cheer due to some life challenges on top of it.

And I was talking to someone who I work with and he said: "the problem with you is that you don't tell me when you have a problem so that I can help you. I find out afterwards, once you're drowning."

And I had to acknowledge that he is right. He's not the first friend or colleague who has said that to me, and it usually drives them all crazy. And occassionally I promise myself that I will try to get better at it.

But when I do need help again, I get into the same old trap of trying to convince myself that everything will be fine as long as I work harder, smarter etc. But life doesn't work like that, does it?

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po said...

I know, sometimes I feel stupid asking questions or asking for help all the time. But it does save a lot of time and stress in the end!

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