Friday, December 11, 2009

Productive But Relaxed Day

The weather has been very nice the past couple of days, and I've been going with the flow - working hard in the mornings, and slowing down as the day warms and I feel tired/lazy, and then spending an hour or so in the garden in the late afternoon. It's been nice.

Looking for a programmer/designer of an online social network platform

Someone I know is looking for a programmer/designer to create an online social network platform. The network is to customised, and have some features available on Facebook, Ning, LinkedIn and even Google Wave. If you're interested or know someone who might be, email me directly for the job spec. We're also putting a job post on and Advert will run for a week.

Getting Ready For Christmas

I've also published a series of articles on Alcohol and Sex on the OneLove web site. If you're interested, check out the front page for the newly published content. You can also check out my guide for responsible drinking.
And if you were inspired by Kwanda ( or the festive season) to help your community, check out the web site, where I have published some posts on how to organise yourself with friends and neighbours to create a volunteer enterprise. This series will continue into the new year.

I personally think this phase of the web site is very important, as it's no longer about us watching people on TV DO something, but actually about us finding ways to make a difference in someone else's life. As Fikile Mnguni, A TV viewer who wrote in said,"Please people, do not sit and say you do not have money to do anything, just trust God and and whatever your hands find to do with dilligence, the rest will follow!"

Anyhoo, Baby and I have been talking more than once every daythe past couple of days. Usually, I send her an SMS when I get up to say " Good morning," and then when she wakes up she either calls me or sends me an SMS. She also sends me quite a few emails throughout the day. Mostly she's been nagging me about decorating for Christmas. Finally, I grabbed Santa, put him on the door and voila, I have some Christmas cheer. The family is also coming up for Christmas, and Baby and I have a day set aside to spend together. So I am increasingly optimistic that we will find a way to stay connected. And we will have time to do more decorating.

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Laura said...

So glad you and Baby are staying connected - I think it would be hard to not remain connected tho - you are a huge part of her life!

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