Friday, January 15, 2010

Chilling with Julie

We were sitting on my back stoep, having some drinks, chatting about love, life and work.
Julie: So what do you really want to do, creatively speaking?
Damaria: You know what I want to do: Write novels. Publish them. Make lots of money.
Damaria (pauses, tries to find an honest response that still makes her look like she's doing something productive): I am making time. But things are not moving as fast as I would like. The writing is slow, and I am second-guessing myself some of the time....
Julie (forcefully): So take more risks in your writing. Write more! Push to move things faster!
Damaria: Huh! Sounds nice. (pauses for a long while) Do you ever take your own advice?
Julie: Not really. But that doesn't mean you're excused from taking MY advice. So don't even go there!

Anyhoo, had a very productive morning today. Wrote and published three posts on the OneLove regional web site and one post on Kwanda before 10am. If you have a couple of minutes, please take a poll where I ask whether it's possible to love two people equally, at the same time.

My own view is that it's not possible. Sure you may care about the second person, maybe even love them in a way, but someone always takes precedence. I think usually people claim to love both lovers equally because they don't want to give up either one, not because of a great love.

And my discussion point is not whether it's right or wrong to love to people, but to find out from you: if you think it is possible to love two people, how would you feel if the person you're in love you told you that they love someone else just as strongly as they loved you? What would you do if they asked you not to ask them to choose?

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Laura said...

I am catching up and just read this now :) Great minds and all that!

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