Thursday, February 04, 2010

1000 members! Yay!

The Read SA Facebook group now has 1000 members. That's right ladies and gentlemen. ONE THOUSAND MEMBERS! In 4 months! So, many thanks to all of you who joined, posted links on your Facebook pages and profiles, Twitted etc. You know we couldn't have done this without you.

Spent most of the day doing edits on a client project. The great news is that the publication reads and looks great now, and I can see its full potential being realised. And all this happened because I slogged through lots of suggestions, lots of pen marks all over what should have been my wonderfully brilliant second draft. OK, don't laugh. I know and you know that the first draft always looks good at first glance, and you send it to the client and it comes back with pen marks and you think WTF? Didn't I just polish this copy? Then you get over yourself, consider each point that is being made and whether it improves the overall project, and you mae decisions, big and small. Of course, all this depends on your client actually knowing what they are doing, or you end up with The Most Expensive Publication Ever Made.

Spent the rest of the day writing guest posts for my promotion drive.

Question: Do you think that guest posts still have the potential to drive traffic to your blog, or are they now so passe it's not funny?


po said...

hey, I really like th Read SA group, probably because I am so enthusiastic about reading SA books!

I have never had a guest poster. But then my blog ios not trying to attract people per say. New readers make me happy, but I don't make any money from it.

Damaria Senne said...

@po- I hear you:-) Storypot is also not a direct money-generator either. I treat it like my livingroom couch, where I can sit with friends and family and chat about what I've been up to. Some of it is about work and writing, but some of it is just stuff that interests me. And i think it's the latter part that makes it not so commercial:-) and I don't mind about that.

Anyhoo, I hope you know I love your blog. I was a Chemistry and Biology major in varsity, so some of your posts where you mention work stuff make me laugh. You can be so dry about it, yet there is an underlying humour. But the stuff I do on my guest blogs wouldn't really be appropriate. We come to your site to find out how Po is doing:-)

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