Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Name Has Commercial Value?

Someone has taken over the domain name damariasenne.com. It was my own fault. I forgot to renew my registration of the domain name and some enterprising soul decided to take it over. So, please note that I have nothing to do with the www.damariasenne.com site or the content published there. Come to think of it, I suspect the person who registered the domain has nothing to do with the content either, cause it reads like generic stuff that's been spun to beat copyscape or something.

I guess I am flattered that someone actually thinks that my name has commercial value. Maybe I'm doing something right in terms of developing my name as a brand? But I'm also angry for the same reason. Why not develop your own reputationand stop trying to cash in on other people's?

Anyhoo, today's post is catalogue of stuff happening/ that I'm doing. I tried to organise it in list format for easy reading:

  • The client reports and proposal are still in progress. Gah! That's all I can say. If anyone has tips on how to make report writing interesting, please share?
  • Placed 3 articles at Ezine Articles to promote client sites and they were accepted within 12 hours and went live. They're going to be published on the main page within 48 hours (as of yesterday).I hope that brings in some decent traffic to client sites. Will continue to upload more articles on the portal - maybe every other day if I can maintain the momentum.
  • Finished client newsletter and I'm really feeling proud of the work we did. It took longer than I thought, but the client was very cooperative and the full product turned out to be good work. It's something I wouldn't mind showcasing to attract future work. Though I daresay, this type of work needs the close collaboration between client and writer, or the product will not be as high quality as this. Will post link to the newsletter once it's published. Newsletter is going to be quarterly.
Creative stuff

  • Added 10 more pages to the story gushing out of me that remains namesless ( and by now stands at about 80 A4 pages). I wish I knew what I was doing, because this is so not a story I ever thought I would tell. No, it's not a personal story or anything. Let's just say I'm very shy, though I cover it well when I meet new people (why do you think I've yet to make it get-togethers you've invited me to?), and so straightlaced they probably have my name next to the definition of prude in the dictionary.... and I think I'm going to need a pen name for this story and the subsequent ones that could come out of this world.
  • Found out a friend of mine just finished a novel, got it edited and she's ready to query publishers. I'm so jealous! I sent her details of an agent that has an open submission call, even though I was greener than the plants in my garden.
  • Am applying to attend the Maskew Miller Writer's Workshop. The workshops are taking place in Polokwane, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. The Joburg one is taking place on the 24 February. MML has this to say about the workshop:

    To help aspirant writers with the submission of their youth novel, Maskew Miller Longman will be hosting writer’s workshops across various provinces in South Africa. Rachelle Greeff, well-known author of various short story anthologies, novels and children's stories will facilitate the workshops and provide guidance and useful tips on how to write interesting and engaging novels for South Africa’s youth. Read more

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Tamara said...

Sounds like you're having a productive time! Am intrigued by your story that might require a pseudonym.

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