Thursday, February 25, 2010

Series Launches

The tenth season of Soul City, the popular TV drama series, starts on the 22 March and will broadcast weekly on SABC1 at 20h30, and I'm going to be doing their Facebook and Twitter interactons. I felt chuffed when the series brand manager asked me to do it as part of their PR plan. Not sure yet what the gig entails, and the work does dovetail with my Phuza Wise assignment ( the underlying theme of this season of Soul City is violence caused by alcohol abuse,) so I have lots of details to still iron out. I'm going to create the Facebook and Twitter accounts soon, and then start posting actor profiles, photos and series episode break-downs.

Anyhoo, inspired by the Guardian’s recent article bringing together “how to write” tips from prominent authors, ReadSA and BOOK SA have introduced a similar series a bit closer to home. To kickstart the series, we have published tips from Andrew Brown, the author of Coldsleep Lullaby, which won the Sunday Times Fiction Prize, and Street Blues, which was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Alan Paton Award. His most recent novel is Refuge. Tamara and Po, I hope this series really helps you in own your creative writing projects.

On the home-front, it seems I'm finally going to start shopping for medical aid for Edward and Hayley, my mixed breed chow dogs. And even saying it out loud, I feel ridiculous. I mean, the majority of South Africans can't even afford medical aid, and I'm talking about getting it for my dogs? But, I don't have a choice - I really can't afford to own pets unless I have it. This fact was emphasises this past week, when Edward was sick. He was off his food, some of his fur seemed to be drying up and falling off and he wasn't even interested in moving. And the vet bill was much higher than what I would have paid my own GP for a consultation.


Tamara said...

Thanks, Damaria. Have followed the Guardian tips, so ti will be interesting to read advice from local authors.

po said...

Hehe thanks! I read the article. I think at some point I should probably stop reading tips and start writing, but they are fun to read.

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