Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tedius Tasks & Fake Money

Today I'm mostly doing stuff that doesn't really qualify as writing. I'm:
  • Learning to create a sub-domain and mini web site on a WordPress blog. Need to move some content to it as a matter of urgency.
  • Uploading new music videos and short film promos on YouTube. My poor bandwidth!
  • Captioning photos and uploading them on Facebook albums.
The work needs to be done. But some of it can really be tedious!

And on the life front: tried to deposit some cash into a bank account and the bank said one of the R100 notes was a fake. Bleh! Now I have to go back to the tenant who paid me and ask him to pay me again. I know he has no idea he gave me fake money. Still, it is a problem......

As for me, I was very grateful that the bank accepted I was an unsuspecting bystander and didn't think I was trying to pass fake notes. That's a criminal offense, isn't it?


limousine hire said...

just simply say its hectic..

Tamara said...

The tedious admin jobs are the worst. But I feel such a sense of accomplishment when they're done.

I've never seen a fake note before (that I know of). I wouldn't be able to tell!

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