Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Request For You To Donate Books To A Poor Community

Andrew Davis has written to me via READ SA, asking us to donate books to the community of Zoar. Basically, if you'd like to participate, you can choose a book that you want to donate, and mail it to the physical address he has provided. As a blogger, you can also help by re-publishing Andrew's letter below, which outlines the community of Zoar and its reading needs:

The community of Zoar is a very poor Afrikaans rural community situated approximately eighty kilometres from Oudtshoorn in a village.

The community struggles against poverty, illiteracy and unemployment as the majority of them are seasonal workers on the surrounding fruit farms.

The people have very limited resources to expand their world. And because of the limited resources and lack of money they are caught up in an awful social reality, where you get alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies and high levels of crime.

READ SA forms part of a bigger community, and therefore it is our social responsibility to equip these people with certain skills and knowlegde useful for the challenges of society.

I firmly believe that having access to the wonderful world of books will contribute to their development and the transformation in thought.

I therefore ask you humbly to help these people by giving them books to read. Having mention all these things, I have to inform you that there is a small library, but with very limited books.

Will you please help us , so that we can start by exposing people to a world of books, especially non-fiction,spiritual,refe
rence books, psychology,motivational books,etc

Post books to:

Andrew Davids
1 Bo- Street
Zoar, Ladismith(WCP)


Tamara said...

Are English books ok?

po said...

I would love to donate. I have so many spare books. However it may be a bit costly for me at this time. I will see, otherwise when I'm next in SA I will bring some books over. I wonder if there is some kind of list of charities in SA that want second hand books, do you know?

Damaria Senne said...

@tamara - yes english books are ok too, thanks.
@po - sorry, I don't really have a list of charities that want second hand books. But we could find out. I'll ask David Barnard at Sangonet ( they maintain an online database of NGOs in South Africa, for advice. the database is at by the way.)

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