Friday, June 18, 2010

I love Baby. Really I do.

BUT, I do not love Justin Bieber. And I'm not happy that I have to spend time listening to him in order to spend time with Baby. He sounds like all the other teeny boppers who have come before him. His greatest advantage is that he actually sings - some of them just growl or something. Gah!

Today I have published a nice feature article on Poverty and the decision to have more than one sexual partners on the OneLove web site. As one of the readers says: “A girl who has multiple partners keeps them for financial reasons. One of them could pay her school fees, another takes care of her wardrobe, one other could just be for events and general entertainment(girls like to be proud of a guy that them out), another could be specifically for pocket money and she could have another one who she officially tags boyfriend.”

Read the full article

Also spent some time chatting to an old friend I haven't seen in over 3 years, though we live in the same city. We keep talking about actually meeting, but never get off our butts enough to make it happen. Thank God for email and Skype and mobile phones, because we still talk a lot, as if we see each other in person regularly.

My friend is a digital strategist, and she says: "A colleague of mine wants to meet with editors in the online and magazine world." My first thought was, "I hope there's some advertising revenue to be had from her clients!"

Anyhoo, if you have a South Africa-based IT pub I don't know about send me an email at about your pub and I'll pass your details to my friend. The pub can either be print or online.

Now I'm off to arrange a series of interviews for feature articles for GradX. I always feel a sense of accomplishment once the articles are finished, but damn they're work!

And then I'm going spend the rest of the day writing web copy for the new web sites.


po said...

Haha you are being infiltrated by

Justin Bieber! Luckily I don't hang out with too many teeny boppers to have to endure him. Poor you!

tiah said...

JB - is that the guy with the hair? We're still in the twinkle-twinkle stage, thankfully.

One's love topic...interesting how people look at things from totally different viewpoints. Does bring to mind a slightly different issue I once heard about - teenage boys talking about the girlfriend they had for X, the girlfriend for Y and then the girlfriend that would have their baby.

Damaria Senne said...

Yes, JB is the guy with the hair.

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