Monday, June 14, 2010

Overwhelmed, But Have Documentary & Short Film For You To Watch Online

On Saturday I met Laura (HarassedMom) and her man David. It was the first time we met in person, but I felt so comfortable. Like we already knew each other. Many thanks Laura for your donation to The Handbag Project.

I'm loving the soccer party spirit in Joburg and all over South Africa, but I'm also feeling a tad overwhelmed by the daily noise coming from the fan park ( music, soccer commentary). The noise is so loud there is no way I can sleep before 11pm at the earliest. It's throwing my schedule off, and leaves me tired. Not sure how well I'll last the whole month.

I''m also overwhelmed by amount of writing I have to do. Lots of web site copy for one corporate web site and one campaign webb site, updating current web sites daily, and a number of feature articles for two major publications.

Major deadlines are end of June and end of July, and I should be able to cope if I just knuckle down and write.

Except, my brain feels frozen and uncapable of pulling together intelligent thoughts.....

And Baby arrives today to visit me for her school holidays ( she's staying a week). Yes, i'm excited about Baby's visit, but where am I going to find the time to spend with her and still write...

Anyhoo, I've uploaded a documentary of "The Making of Untold -Stories in a time of HIV & AIDS" and the whole short film " Umtshato - The Wedding."

You can watch both the documentary and the short film online.

Soul City - The making of the UNTOLD series from Damaria Senne on Vimeo.

Untold - Umtshato from Damaria Senne on Vimeo.


tiah said...

Good luck getting work done. Just having my two home is making things pretty crazy here, and we're no where near the party.

po said...

eh you poor thing living so close to the fan park, it's fun to be partying now and then, but when you want to sleep and it's the same noise every night... poor Damaria!

Damaria Senne said...

Thanks Po. Last night was quiet. No music. No commentary. No vuvuzelas. Not sure why the fan park was quiet, but I was able to sleep by 21h00. I feel refreshed:-)

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