Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facebook, A Cellphone & Some Fast Growing Puppies

Today's post is a list, because I have a variety of stuff to communicate.

1. Had a friend from out of town come over to visit for a couple of days.
2. Then we went to visit my family in Phokeng. It was all good and i loved hanging out with my mother, older brother and his family and my older nephews ( older sister's kids).
3. Lost my cellphone on the way to Phokeng ( I made a stop at a McD's and at a corner cafe in Rustenburg). Or maybe, the phone is in my car under a seat. Doesn't matter how,cos I can't find it. So I spent yesterday dealing with insurance bureaucracy. Gah!
And by some twist of fate, my current contract is about to expire and I qualify for cellphone upgrade. And Cell C says I qualify for a Blackberry. But my local store has run out. Same saga, different sucker, hey Laura? Cos I think you also document having problems getting a Blackberry out of your service provider? So I bought el cheapo phone, did SIM swap, while I sort that out (image of my temporary phone on the left.Cost=R149.00). I think the only thing this sucker CAN do is send and receive calls and SMSes:-)

4. Asked for a Facebook group which has almost 5000 members from the owner and he agreed. The owner of the group wanted to give it up due to ill-health, and I was in the right place at the right time. And the group, called Imagine a world without violence against women and girls, fits well with the Shukumisa campaign.
For now we're not rebranding the group as a Shukumisa group, but we are responsible for publishing content on it and moderating it. So yay for me, cos this gives my client a running start on its online campaign. And please feel free to join if this is the kind of cause you want to support.

5. The puppies are now old enough to eat independently, so I'm ready to give them away. Finally! They're cute, but I just want to only have my dogs here. And now that Hayley has experienced being a mother, the factory is now closed and I'm going to take her to the vet to be fixed. I didn't want to do it without ever giving her a chance to have babies.


po said...

Cool phone! Haha seriously though I hardly ever use a phone so I may as well have one like that.

I like that you gave your dog a chance to be a mom, so sweet.

Damaria Senne said...

@po- I actually need my phone for mobile Internet access; don't like making phone calls and only do it under duress:-)

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