Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank God For Universal Adaptors

Met with my new accounting officer this morning and chatting with him, I realised how much I have needed his services without actually realising it. I used to think I couldn't afford one [and money is always tight], but as a small business owner, I'm discovering I can't afford not to have one.

He understands the business of money so much better. And with him taking over the invoicing, reconciliation and all the tax associated business, I no longer have to battle and focus on what I do best, which is the writing end of the business.

Fixed the laptop issues

The small widgets allow the universal
adaptor to fit into any laptop.
I also managed to sort out my laptop, which has refused to be turned on for weeks. At last I will be able to work where I want, as I normally do, rather than always being confined to my homeoffice all the time.

Firstly, I established that there was nothing majorly wrong with the laptop itself. The problem was with the adaptor, which seemed to have burned out, for some reason. Got a quote for an adaptor from Incredible Connection  for R799, and from Matrix in a similar price range. My laptop is old, so i wasn't keen on spending too much money on parts.So, for a while, I was stuck. Until I saw a computer shop this morning in Braamfontein, at the corner of Stiemens and De Beer. The guy had a universal adaptor for R250.00.

Granted, universal adaptors are cheaper [weird considering they are more convenient], but you'd think the two retail stores would also have given me the option, instead of trying to sell me a more expensive adaptor. It's so annoying how salespeople sometimes withold information that would allow you to get a product that works for you just fine at a lower price, and keep punting the more expensive option as the only option!

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Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Damaria, it's a pity that the salesmen in the bigger firms put making the sale for commission above the needs of the customer - saw an article in today's paper about business ethics (i.e. putting the needs of the customer before making a buck!) But glad you got sorted anyway! :)

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