Thursday, September 02, 2010

Winning Web Sites and Queries

Attended a cocktail event by Sangonet last night, where the winners of the 2010 South African NGO Web Awards were announced. The winners, who each won a prize of R10 000 sponsored by Torque IT are:
As mentioned previously, I was one of the judges of the competition and saw some really good NGO web sites. The overall objectives of the competition are to raise awareness amongst South African NGOs about the benefits of having an online presence, stimulate interest in the application of web solutions and applications, and showcase best practices in website creation and maintenance. To learn more about this competition, visit the Sangonet web site.

Enjoyed hanging out with some old and current friends, and also made some new acquiantances. And the event didn't drag on forever, which is always good in my view.

Earlier in the day I very impulsively decided to register the domain I've prevously said that I was not intending to start a gardening blog. But I love gardening and want to do more of it, and more writing about it, and it's a good domain to own, and maybe in time I will have the time to do something with it.

Also spent time reslanting a couple of previously published articles and sending them on to new markets. Also sent out four queries. One rejection by the end of the day and one "we're thinking about it and will get back to you."

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