Friday, October 22, 2010

Taking The Paypal, First National Bank Journey

I've had a Paypal account for a long while,but I never used it because I couldn't transfer the money to a SA bank. So there was no point in accumulating money that I could only use online.It was easier for international clients to pay me by money transfer or to mail me a cheque.

Then a couple of months ago First National Bank announced that it was partnering with Paypal, and they're not my primary bank, so it took me a while for me to even consider opening an account with them.

But now finally, I have activated my Paypal account, and will have to open a FNB account . It's been eye-opening how easy getting paid has become from the Paypal end. Now instead of waiting for days for the transferred money to hit my account, I've received payment as soon as it's made.

And I know I will have to open a First National Bank account, but still, I want to know from you: do you use the bank? Do you like their offering? What's their service like?

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