Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do Our Media Reflect The World As It Is?

Do you sometimes read newspapers/watch the news and then wonder if the world is as bleak as the news featured would lead you to think? Do our media really reflect the world as it is?

I had to wonder this morning, because somehow the headlines seemed more sinister this morning. It was like there was no good thing that happened that was worth reporting.

I think part of my issue arose from coverage in Sowetan. On the cover page is a story of a woman who tells of her date with a serial rapist (man facing 21 charges of rape and still counting).  Main story on page 2 was about a security guard who killed his girlfriend and bystander at a high school and then himself. "She[the woman] tripped and fell and the gunman shot her severalk times while she lay on the floor. He kicked her on the ribs to make sure she was dead before shooting himself in the head," the paper quotes one of the witnesses.
Main stories on page 4 were about:
1. Woman who dated serial rapist continued
2. Main story on serial rapist
3. How chief's wife was raped, killed
4. Men who raped a doctor at the hospital denied bail
5. Trial of alleged Lenasia serial killer and rapist starts today

By the time I got through page 4, I was feeling a bit down.

I also want to remind you of the blog party we're having during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.  The campaign takes place on the 24 November to 10 December. Please diarise the dates if you're planning to blog about gender violence during that period, and don't forget to let me know ( and to send me the link), so I can highlight your post on Storypot, Shukumisa web site and several related web sites and blogs.

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tiah said...

Both. There are issues the media tries to sweep under the carpet, or ignores due to lack of 'marketability' or the difficulty to wrap it up into nice sound bites. Other times, things are sensationalised - which is often easier to do than put in hours of research.

Life is rarely all good or all bad. Take a look at a funeral: even in sadness somebody cracks a joke, remembers a fond memory, gives somebody a hug, there is often forgiveness and people make love (not during the funeral...) and often children are seen to be laughing and playing.

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