Monday, December 06, 2010

The Benefits Of Hosting Blog Parties

In case you're wondering, yes, blog parties are an effective way to promote your cause, web site, organisation or company. Here are some of the benefits:
  1. It creates space for a concentrated discussion on the chosen issue/theme.
  2. Increased traffic on the web sites of the participants.
  3. Your blog party participants help you to connect with new people who may not have previously known about you. Some will join in the dialogue, others will even subscribe to your web site so they can continue the discussion after the party period.
  4. It creates interest from media and other stakeholders. BTW, so far in this party, I've received enquiries from:
  • one national newspaper, which did a feature article on the organisation and the cause
  • one radio station, which interviewed my client for 15 minutes on the issue and the case
  • one researcher who's going to profile my client as a case study on the use on online social nmedia
  • one writer who's due to release a second edition of a book on small business and is going to profile my business as a case study for the new media element of the book.
  • one organisational blog has asked to profile my client about its 16 Days blog activities.
And keep in mind that the content we have created will be available on the sites long after this party is finished, providing users with information and resources. Not a bad deal, hey?

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