Monday, February 28, 2011

Business Of Love, By Pamela Moeng

I found out over the weekend that my friend Pamela Moeng's romance novel,  Business Of Love, recently came out through Nollybooks.  I love Pam and after more than 22 years of close friendship, she's like a sister to me.

So I was miffed that she didn't tell me earlier that Business of Love is out, so I could blow her vuvuzela ( Thank you Po, for that lovely phrase!).

I wanted to bash her on the head and ask her..."I read the synopsis, the first 3 chapters, chatted to you about it when it was finished and you were going through edits... so why in heaven's name didn't you tell me when it was an actual novel that people pay money to read?" But I also know my friend, and like many writers, she tends to be shy about self-promotion.

The good news though, is that she acknowledged during our talk that she needs to put herself out there as a writer and is going to launch her writing blog soon.

I'm looking forward to it, because compared to Pam, I'm a neophyte when it comes to the writing craft. Pam has written/contributed to educational materials and books published by big local publishing houses, worked in the industry as an editor and publisher and in government communications, contributed to a poetry anthology or two, and is now hitting her stride with her novels (She has a second novel she's shopping around and another brewing in her head). So, we're all going to learn lots from her through her blog, yes?

Anyhoo, let me tell you what Business Of Love is about:

Naledi Moagi was really excited to land a job at one of the top marketing consultancies in the country. The downside was that it also happened to be where her very first childhood crush worked.

But good-looking and arrogant Tumi Moeketsi is not jusy any old colleague, he is the grandson of the founder of the company. After years abroad, he's back to help his grandfather run the family business.

Tumi and Naledit are soon thrown together to work on an important pitch but Tumi doesn't hide his disdain for what he sees as another gold-digger out to mine the family's wealth.

Will he be proved right? Or will Naledi convince him otherwise? Either way the growing attraction between the two is set to complicate their working relationship.
Buy the book
The novel was distributed through the book club of True Love, the national consumer magazine. If you want to order, the ISBN of the book is 978-0-9869726-1-4. The reference for the book club is 26492. The contact number is 021 521 8383 to order or sms 'Romance' to 34525, or email
And for the writers among us?
Nollybooks is looking for more writers, more romance novels to publish. Here are their submission guidelines.


Anonymous said...

I'm blushing, D! Thanks for the support and the marketing contribution. I'll be launching my blog very soon.



Damaria Senne said...

My pleasure, sis.

po said...

I want to read her blog! I am always inspired by people why have written novels and who walk around with other novels already in their heads.

jean said...

ready the novel in the Drum magazine where a series of the novel was published, i really liked it unfortunately i have nowhere to buy the book from in Zimbabwe where i reside. am appealing for assistance to access the novel. its a splendid piece of work, that anyone will definitely find highly enjoyable. good Job to Pamela. contact me on

Damaria Senne said...

Hi Jean

I know Pam responded to you personally, but I'm also posting a portion of the reply here, so other blog visitors can order the book if they want to. Pam says:
Thank you so much for your kind words - I really appreciate them as it motivates me to continue writing for lovely people like you.

I've noted that you don't know where to buy the book in your own country. You can order it through the post from the following mail order book company:

The novel was distributed through the book club of True Love, the national consumer magazine. If you want to order, the ISBN of the book is 978-0-9869726-1-4. The reference for the book club is 26492. The contact number is 021 521 8383 to order or sms 'Romance' to 34525, or email

If you still have a problem. do contact me again and I will get you details of the Leisure Book Club, which is the umbrella company distributing the book. I understand they are also available in Shoprite stores, if there are any there where you live.

Noko said...

Hi D,
how much does it cost?if i go 2 shoprite i will get it?
Indeed i was blown away by the fiction in Drum.keep up da good work SISTERS.

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